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Home > Products > Audio > Car Player > JVC > JVC KD-X252 SINGLE DIN PLAYER
Product Code: 6994
Availability: Out of stock
RM 148.00
RM 298.00

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  • Digital Media Receiver with Front USB/AUX Input
  • 3-Band Equalizer with 15-Presets
  • Android™ Music Playback
  • 2-Line VA LCD Display
  • USB with 1A Charge for Smartphone
  • Android & iPhone Music playback
  • 1 RCA Preout, 2.5V (Rear/Sub Switchable)
  • Short chassis (100mm)
  • Red Key Illumination
  • Unit without CD mechanism
  • Android Music Playback (AUDIO MODE and AUTO MODE)
  • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer, 15-Preset
  • Steering Remote Control Ready
  • Digital Track Expander
  • FLAC Compatible ( Up to 48kHz/16bit )
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